The First International Scientific And National Member Meeting on Health Information Management

28 May 2016 to 28 May 2016 7:00 - 18:00


Health information is a strategic resource that is needed in the process of management, decision making, and application of accountability and good governance.Health information is essential in all levels of management, from the management of patients or clients, the management unitsas well as the management of the health systems. Health information can influence the decision-makers on each element of management include: planning, implementation and monitoring, evaluation, analysis of the situation, the selection of priorities and assessment including formulating and assessing health policies. Health information that is reliable and on time is important as a basis for public health action and strengthen health systems, both nationally and internationally. One source of the data or information-based facilities in the national health information system is a medical record or health record.

Nowadays,internationally, the paradigm has shifted from medical records become Health Information Management. Therefore nomenclature education courses of medical record and health information has changedintohealth information management courses. This was stated in 154 Permendikbud Clumps of Science and Technology and Graduate Degree College.


1. Health Information Management Quality and Global Workforce

2. Health Information Education

3. Health Informatics


1. International Conference and Symposium

2. Student Corner and Call for Paper

3. National Member Meeting of Indonesian of Higher Education for Health Information Management Association (aptiRMIK)


1. Improving health information quality through education and professionalism on health information management

2. Improving health information quality by strengthening the health information workforce

3. Optimizing the role of information technologies in health information management

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