Tinjauan Keakuratan Kodefikasi Diagnosis Pasien Ibu Bersalin di RSUD H. Damanhuri Barabai

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Volume III
Marlina, Irmawan, Sabar Kristina

Damanhuri Barabai hospital made coding diagnoses. Coding is a code assignment using letters and numbers or combinations of both, representing data component. A precise coding holds a great importance for morbidity and mortality reports. A precise and accurate coding diagnose will make easier for health worker in taking the appropriate action. Besides, the accuracy of diagnose code also influencing the expenses of health services. The problems related to Diagnosis Coding in Damanhuri Barabai hospital about secondary diagnose of maternal patiens that is not written in coding. In this case, only the primary diagnose that have been recorded excluding of secondary diagnose. Therefore, the purpose of this observation is to get the information of coding accuracy observation of maternal patiens diagnose in Damanhuri Barabai hospital. The method used in this research is descriptive research method with case study approach of 124 delivery diagnoses sample. Technical data  analysisusing univariat analysis in tabular and textual format. Results of the research has obtained 98,4% inaccurate maternal patiens diagnoses code and 1,6 % accurate code. Also diagnose coding doesn’t fit the Coding Procedures and the tools used in coding are only ICD-10volume 1 and volume 3.
Keywords : ICD, coding accuracy, mother delivery

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