Hubungan Antara Pola Makan dan Tingkat Pendapatan Orang Tua dengan Kegemukan pada Anak PrasekolahDi TK Gembira BanjarbaruTahun 2011

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Norhasanah, Rusman Efendi, Eka Sari Yulianti

Nutritional problems in developed countries and developing not only related to the problem of lack of nutrients, but also the problem of over nutritionis manifested by being over weight. Obesityisa risk factor forthe cause of degenerative diseases such asheart diseasekorener, hyper lipidemia, high blood pressure(hypertension) and diabetes (diabetes mellitus) in adult hood. This studyaims to determine the relationship between diet and income level of parents with over weight in pre school children in kinder garten Gembira Banjarbaru. This study is analytical survey with cross sectional design. The sample in this study were all pre-school childrenin kinder garten were 63 people Gembira Banjarbaru. Performed statistical analys is using Chi-Square test. The results showed that 74.3% diet ever more present in the category of over weight and 66% highest in come level sof parentsin the high category are overweight. Based on the statistical test show that there is a relationship between diet andobesity and there is no relationship between in come levelof parents with over weight in preschool childrenin kinder garten Gembira Banjarbaru 2011.

Keywords: diet, parentincome level, over weight

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