Pengaruh Proporsi Ikan Selar Kuning (Caranx leptolepis) dan Rumput Laut (Gracilaria Gigas)Terhadap Kadar Protein, Serat Kasar, dan Tingkat Kesukaan Nugget Ikan

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Volume III
Yuliana Salman, Sari Novita, Pratna Susanti


Aquaculture is an Indonesian fisheries sector which has considerable potential besides marine sector and have fisheries resource very rich, but it cannot be developed and utilized properly because of the limited diversification of processed fish products. This research aimed to know the effect proportion of yellowstripe scad (Caranx leptolepis) and seaweed (Gracilaria gigas) on protein content, crude fiber, and preference level of fish nuggets. This research was an experiment that is to study the protein content, crude fiber, and the preference level (color, fragrance, taste, and texture). The research design used was a completely randomized design with three treatments and three times replication. Organoleptic testing method is the hedonic method (preference test). Protein content testing used kjedahl method and crude fiber are gravimetric method. Organoleptic test statistics is to use Friedman test. Statistical test protein and crude fiber content using One WayANOVA. Research result showed no effect of adding yellowstripe scad (Caranx leptolepis) and seaweed (Gracilaria gigas) on protein content of fish nuggets (p = 0,292), crude fiber content (p = 0,544).  No effect on color preference level (p = 0,458), fragrance (p = 0,641), taste (p = 0,338), and texture (p = 0,819). Expected to take advantage of the fish nuggets because good nutritional content.


Keywords: Yellowstripe scad (Caranx leptolepis), Seaweed (Gracilaria gigas), Protein content, Crude fiber, Preference level of fish nuggets

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