Kajian Konsentrasi Sari Buah Jeruk Nipis Terhadap Kadar B-Karoten, dan Daya Terima Manisan Basah Labu Kuning (Cucurbita Moschata Durch)

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Volume III
Rusman Efendi, Rabiatul Adawiyah, Sari Novita

Utilization of pumpkin that contains beta carotene a swet candied fruitis one of the alternatives in the fulfillment of nutrition and cancer prevention.The addition of lemon juice containing citrit acid in the manufacture of wet candied pumpkin expected to maintain the freshness of the fruit, as a presentative and extending the shelf life. Just only the addition of citric acid can affect the stability of beta-carotene decrease. This study aimed to determine the effect of the addition of lemon juice to the levels of beta-carotene, power receive and power save of wet candied pumpkin. This research is an experiment using acompletely randomized design with 5 treatments (0,02%, 0,06%, 1,0%, 1,4% and 1,8%) and 3 replication. To influence analytic of beta carotene levels One way annova is used, to determine analytic of power receive is used Friedman test and analytic description is used to the power save.The results showednosignificanteffect ofthe addition of lemon juice to the levels of beta-carotene and power receive (colour, aroma, texture and flavour). The wet candied pumpkin addition of lemon juice with a concentration of 0,02% and 1,8% has a longer shelf life than other treatment is for 3 days.

Keywords : lime juice, beta carotene, power receive, power save

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