Hubungan Tingkat Pendidikan dan Paritas dengan Kejadian Bayi Berat Lahir Rendah di RSUD Banjarbaru 2010

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Volume II
Rusman Efendi, M. Noor Islam, Maulida Puspita Dewi

Based on data in Banjarbaru hospital year 2010 of 346 births, the number of 119 LBW (low birth weight) infants (34,4%), this figure is greater than the targets set out LBW in the target program to improve healthy nutrition to Indonesia in 2010 ie a maximum of 7%. The research aims to know the correlation of education and maternal parity with the incidence of LBW in RSUD Banjarbaru year 2010. The research method used analytical survey with cross sectional approach. Research variables are education and parity with the incidence of LBW. The population was all mothers who gave birth to as many as 346 people and the sample was 75 all single mothers with maternity purposive sampling technique as many as 75 people. The data in the analysis by Chi Square Test with α 0.05. The study of 119 infants (34,4%) 16 people (44,4%) gave birth to basic education, 39 people (23,5%) gave birth to a secondary education and 64 men (44,4%) gave birth to higher education, Chi Square Test results for the age of the p = 0,000 < α = 0,05 means there is a correlation between education with incidence of low birth weight, and parity p-value 0,098> α 0,05 means no association between parity with the incidence of LBW. This research can be concluded that there is influence of education with incidence of low birth weight but no effect of parity with the incidence of LBW.

Keywords : education, parity, incidence of LBW

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