Hubungan Pola Makan dengan Kejadian Hipertensi pada Pasien di Poliklinik Penyakit Dalam RSUD Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin

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Modifiable trigger factors of hypertension are obesity, stress, lifestyle, and food combining.
This study was aimed to analyze causes of primary hypertension, that is, the consumption of
carbohydrates, animal sources, vegetables, fruit, natrium, and kalium, which associated with
the incidence of hypertension in patients in The Internal Medicine Clinic of RSUD. H. Moch.
Saleh Ansari Banjarmasin. It was an observational study with cross sectional design. Population of the study were all patients who seek treatment in the internal medicine clinic of RSUD Dr. H. Moch. Saleh Ansari Banjarmasin. Sixty samples were chosen purposively with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data were collected with Semi Quantitative Food Frequency questionnaire (SQFFQ), and blood pressure examination conducted by doctor. Data were analyzed with Chi-square test. The results of statistical analysis showed there is no correlation between carbohyrdrate consumption,animal sources of food, plant sources of food, vegetable consumption, fruit consumption, and kalium consumption with hypertention. There is correlation between natrium consumption with hypertention. Modifiable trigger factors of hypertension can be prevented by regulating the consumption of sodium < 2400 mg per day.

Keywords : food combining, hypertension

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