Hubungan Pengetahuan terhadap Tingkat Kecemasan Wanita Premenepause di Kelurahan Guntung Manggis Banjarbaru Tahun 2013

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Ermas Estiyana, Agus Rahmadi, Desti Rusmilawati


Premenopausal is the time before menopauses that can be marked with appear of complaints climacterium period uterine bleeding irregularly. Begins around the age of 40 years. At this time women experience changes of endocrine, somatic, and psychic that happens at the end of the fertile time. The impact of women wide variety, depending on many factors, especially social and family environment. The purpose of this research was to know the Correlation of knowledge with anxiety level on premenopausal women in Guntung Manggis district Banjarbaru in 2013. This study used survey analytic methods with Cross-sectional approach. The sample in this research was women who experience premenopausal in Guntung Manggis district as many as 78 people. Sampling taken Random-sampling techniques. The results showed that most of the knowledge of premenopausal women was lack as many as 34 respondents (43.5%), Most of premenopausal women experiencing severe anxiety as many as 29 respondents (37.2%) and based on statistic test of Spearman rho correlation obtained p = 0,920, compare with p table 0,05, so p>p table (0.920>0,05), it can be concluded that there is a correlation of knowledge with anxiety level of premenopausal women. Health personnel advised to pay special attention to citizen/community, particularly for menopausal women who experience menopause with providing counseling or information about anxiety before menopause.


Keywords : Knowledge, anxiety level, premenopausal

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