Hubungan Pendidikan, Pengetahuan, dan Pola Asuh Ibu dengan Status Bawah Garis Merah (BGM) pada Balita di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Cempaka 2013

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Volume IV
Sugeng Riyanto, M. Noor, Jannatul Hikmah


Nutrition is one of major determinants of the quality of human resources. Disorders of nutrition early life affects the quality of the next life. Malnutrition among children not only cause physical disorders but also the influence of intelligence and productivity in adulthood. The pupose of this study was to determine the relationship between education, knowledge parenting motherswith down status Red Line (BGM) in health centers of cempaka 2013. Its use analytic study was to obtain the correlation between three variables. Population in the study were all mothers who have childrenin the working area health center of cempaka in 2013 as many 1226 people and the sample in this study is the mother who has  a toddler and visiting health centers in cempaka periode may 2013. To the sampling techinique using accidental sampling as much as 64 people. Data analysis techniques with chi square test. Data result showed no significant relationship between maternal education,knowledge, and mother parenting with BGM status.

 Keywords :      parenting mom, Under Red Line (BGM)

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