Hubungan Pendidikan dan Pengetahuan Terhadap Sikap Ibu Hamil Tentang Kunjungan Pemeriksaan Kehamilan di Wilayah Puskesmas Tatah Pemangkih Laut Kabupaten Banjar Tahun 2011

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Volume II
Lilik Setia Ningsih, Rusman Efendi, Ahmad Mahyuni

Maternal and child health problems is a national problem that needs to get top priority, especially for pregnant women. This study is an analytical study by accidental sampling approach, using primary data from questionnaires and interviews guided by secondary data from medical record (state of healthy pregnant women). The study population was all pregnant women whi visit the health center pemangkih chisel sea, with the inclusion criteria: from pregnant women whi are in the working area health centers, to pregnant women with a normal state with the third trimester of gestation. The results showed that out of 30 respondents had some secondary education that is equal to 13 people (43.3%) based on che-square tes p = 0.3 obtained value of the Ho accepted meaning there is no correlation between education with an attitude of pregnant women about the behavior of inspection visits pregnancy, whereas the level of knowledge the majority of pregnant women is 15 people (50%), based on che-square test p = 0.000 value obtained then Ho is rejected it means there is a relationship between education and attitudes about the behavior of pregnant women visiting prenatal care.

Keywords : pregnancy, prenatal care, level of education, knowledge, attitudes of pregnant woman

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