Hubungan Antara Kebiasaan Sarapan Pagi dan Aktivitas Fisik dengan Status Gizi Remaja di SMPN 2 Banjarbaru

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Volume IV
Rusman Efendi, Ady Tasada, M. Hassanal rasyid


Breakfast is an activity that should not be left by a youth, due to the breakfast blood glucose can be maintained at normal levels until noon. Normal blood glucose will affect the feelings became calmer and have better concentration levels while receiving, many teens we were to disregard this routine, for various reasons, among others, get up late, busy preparing breakfast, not used breakfast, erroneous perception that they would be sleepy in class if breakfast. This study aims to determine the Relationship Between Breakfast Habits and Physical Activity With Nutritional Status of youth in middle school 2 Banjarbaru. This research was an analytical cross sectional population in this study population were male and female students of class VII and VIII with a sample of 85 people. Analyzes performed tested these descriptive and statistical chi-square test. Results obtained no significant relationship between breakfast habits of physical activity and nutrition status in youth girls in junior high schoolschoo`ls Banjarbaru State 2. Student is expected to have a good breakfast habits and good air activities so as to create the ideal nutrition status.

Keywords: Breakfast, Physical Activity, Nutrition Status

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