Gambaran Pengetahuan dan Sikap Ibu Hamil Trimester I Tentang Emesis Gravidarum di Puskesmas Banjarbaru Utara Periode Mei-Juni Tahun 2012

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Salasiah Supiyati, M. Noor Islam, Nita Yuliana

Queasy (nausea) and vomiting (emesis gravidarum) is a symptom that often occurs in 60-80% primi gravida and 40-60% multi gravida. Nausea usually occurs in the morning (called morning sickness), but can also arise at any time during the night. The nausea usually starts in the first weeks of pregnancy and ending in the fourth. However, approximately 12% of pregnant women are still experiencing up to 9 months. Knowledge and attitudes of pregnant women, who contributed the lack of information /counseling about emesis gravidarum. The purpose of this research was to determine the description of knowledge and attitudes of pregnant women in trimester I about emesis gravidarum in Puskesmas (Public Health Center) north Banjarbaru in period from march to June 2012. This research used descriptive research design. The population in this research is the trimester I of pregnant women in Puskesmas North Banjarbaru. In this research sampled a total of 33 respondents. Knowledge of first trimester pregnant women about the health center emesis gravidarum in North Banjarbaru period May-June 2012 are knowledgeable enough most of the 16 people (48.5%). Pregnant mothers are knowledgeable enough visits by the age of majority at age <20 years as many as nine people (27.3%), with most of the junior secondary education by 15 people (45.5%).First trimester maternal attitudes about the health center emesisgravidarum in North Banjarbaru period May-June 2012 most have a negative attitude as many as 21 people (63.7%). Pregnant women who have negative attitudes mostly seen bythe age of 11 (33.3%), with most of the junior secondary education by 15 people (45.4%)…

Keywords : emesis gravidarum, pregnant women, trimester i, knowledge, attitudes

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