Gambaran Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Kunjungan Pasien di Poliklinik Gizi RSUD Dr. H. Moch. Ansari Saleh Banjarmasin Tahun 2011

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Volume III
Rusman Efendi, Norhasanah, Yamin

Nutritional counseling is a series of two-way communications activities to instill and increase understanding, attitudes, and behaviors that help the client or patient to recognize and overcome the problem of nutrition. Every month, the average number of patient visits to theNutrition Clinic of 60 people. Whereas, other Clinics, such as Internist Clinic, a patient on average 80 people every month. Nutritional counseling services not fully utilized when seen from the number of patient visits to the Nutrition Clinic. This study aims to know the description of the factors that affect patient visits at the Nutrition Clinic of Ansari Saleh Hospital. This study is an observational research with cross sectional research design. Subjects in this study were patients who visited the Nutrition Clinic of Ansari Saleh Hospital. Number of respondents who take as many as 87 respondents. Data were analyzed escriptively. The results of this study obtained over the number of female respondents than male respondents, as many as 55 (63%) were women and 32 (37%) were men. Most patients had a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, as many as 41 respondents (47%). Educational background of the majority of patients are high school that is 52 people (60%). The majority of patients aged 26-50 years as many as 45 people (52%). Patients who come for referral amounted to 89% (77 people), while those coming on their own awareness of 10% (10 people). There is no motivation for nutritionists recommend repeated visits to the patient, and to improve the quality of nutrition counseling services.

Keywords : patient motivation, gender,educational background,aged,patient visits

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