Analisis Beban Kerja Sumber Daya Manusia di Unit Kerja Rekam Medis Rumah Sakit Bhayangkara Banjarmasin Tahun 2011

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Volume II
Prahardika, Iman Perdana, Hosizah

Outguide that is a substitute for medical records will be removed from storage for any purpose. Human Resources is the most dominant factor in maintaining and improving the quality of hospital and implementation medical records , in this case necessary human resource requirements based on an there workload contained in the hospital or the work unit medical record so that there is no job that is not resolved to medical records implementation be optimal in maintaining the quality of the hospital. The purpose of research to analyze the workload in the work unit medical record to obtain the number of human resource needs in Bhayangkara Banjarmasin Hospital. Research methods with quantitative research design which is descriptive, research subjects is all staff medical records that exist in the work unit medical records, hospital research site is Bhayangkara Banjarmasin, the research instrument used is a stopwatch, observation sheets , interview guidelines and calculators, engineeringcollecting data with observations by making observations on the handling of medical records and interviews. The results are workloads that are not implemented based on job descriptions contained in work unit medical records Bhayangkara Hospital Banjarmasin, descriptions of activities are specified are still a lot not yet of runs with any real work optimally medical records staff. The number of human resource calculation results in work unit medical record amount 7 people consists of 5 people at the section registration (outpatient) and 2 people working in inpatient units. Whereas the human resources that exist today Banjarmasin Bhayangkara in Hospital is 10 persons consisting of 7 people in section the registration (outpatient) and 3 people in inpatient units, by thus is excess human resources 3 people consisting of 2 people in section the registration and 1 person section inpatient work unit.

Keywords : workload, human resources, medical records


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