Analisis Kadar Biomarker Urine Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1Terhadap Klasifikasi Histopatologi Nefritis Lupus

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Yuliana Salman

Systemiclupuserythematosus(SLE) is an autoimmune diseasecharacterizedbychronicandacuteinflammation. The common of serious complicationsinSLEislupusnephritis.. Biomarker that showed high specificity for SLE especially in lupus nephritis is Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein urine-1 (uMCP-1). In Indonesia, correlation between uMCP-1 with lupus nephritis still unknown. This approach is expected to replace renal biopsy in histopathological classification of lupus nephritis.This studyis anobservational that was conductedin cross-sectional study. The research will beconducted overa11-month withurinesamplingtodetermine levels ofMCP-1 in patients withSLE, andrenalbiopsy was performedtodetermine theclass oflupusnephritisaccording toWHO (1982) classification. Theresultsshowed nosignificant difference(p =0,247>α) between meanranklevels ofurinary uMCP-1of control and cases group. In theKruskal-Wallis test demonstrated the comparison of meanrankurineMCP-1levels among 3 groups  are nosignificant difference(p =0,197>α). It can be concluded that the levels of urinary MCP1 was not associated with incidence and histopathological classification of lupus nephritis.

Keyword: Lupus nephritis, uMCP-1, Histopathology class

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