Pengetahuan Mahasiswa Kebidanan Tentang Partograf dan Aplikasinya dalam Persalianan di Kampus Stikes Husada Borneo Program Studi DIV Bidan Pendidik Tahun 2011

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Rusman Efendi, Sugeng Riyanto, Rusiana

Based on observations of the WHO, maternal mortality amounted to 500,000 people and Infant Mortality Rate of 10 million lives annually. Most of the causes of death can be prevented with adequate treatment. One effort that can be done is to increase knowledge and skills of health workers in helping labor, such as the use partograf in childbirth. Tujuan This is tomidwifery students klowledge of labour partograf and its application in campus STIKES husada borneo prodi midwife education DIV of 2011. This research using descriptive method. The population in this study were students of midwifery STIKES Husada Borneo Banjarbaru year 2011. Sampling technique divides the questionnaire with a sample size of 74 pregnant women. The research was conducted on the campus of Borneo Husada STIKES Banjarbaru with time research began with the month of May to July 2011. Midwifery student knowledge about partograf and its application in labor is to have enough knowledge. From the research results obtained by the student is advised to increase their knowledge be better to get information from midwifery textbooks, information from teachers or professors of health workers, the practice in hospitals and clinics and how often do the exercises the correct way of filling partograf.

Keywords: level of knowledge, age, education, partograf


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